The few pieces that will change everything

and how they will boost your style and diversify your everyday outfits

Tired of not knowing

how to dress up ?

Having mountains of clothes but feeling like you're always wearing the same ones...

To be at the edge, standing in front of wardrobe each mornings wondering what to wear...

Overwhelmed because it looks like nothing really fits in there....

What you are about to read here, is going to move everything for you.

How and why?

Because you'll understand:
How a few specific pieces can completely change your style.

And how you, as well, your wardrobe can be amazing and how easy and delightful it will become to dress up.

BUT, first…let's wonder.

Do face this situation ?

The alarm rings and same story :

Starring at your wardrobe.

And you don't know how to dress.

You feel like you have nothing to wear, while your closet is stuffed with clothes.

Stuff everywhere however….

But nothing you really fancy.

Each day, same old deal :

Whatever you wear, everything looks the same.

And guess what?

You are right.

Because it's on and on the same thing.

Your outfits all look alike.

And it's quite normal.


You simply can't do miracles : all the pieces of your wardrobe look alike so so it can't randomly be different for your outfits.

In fact, what's really the issue?

It's that you are always attracted and buy the same kind of clothes.

May be you don't even realize.

Because you give yourself the impression of "diversifying" in changing bits and pieces :

This white shirt has a pocket on the chest, the other one doesn't.

This one has pearly buttons...

On this one they are golden.

Yes but to be fair?

Those bits and pieces do not change anything in the end.

How did you end up like that?


Whenever you like a shirt…

You give it a go and buy it.
Because it's prettier than the last one.

You like it better.


4 more piled in your wardrobe.

And this?

Goes similar for rest of the clothes in your wardrobe.

One day, you decided that pumps were your favorite shoes.

And it's true that they make your feet look great.


Pumps saga.

As soon as you spot a nifty pair?

Credit card out, you buy.

A new color that you don't have yet?

Credit card out, you buy.


You have a storage rack full.

Green, pink, red, nude, Leo….

Except that…

Lin the morning when you jump into your little lovely jumper, your slim and your pumps?

Even renewing the color of your pumps…

Your overall outfit remains the same.

This color casting stays to be only a detail.

Your appearance is the same.

And this is so true for all the pieces of your wardrobe.

Stop minute and brainstorm?

You will understand that you always buy the same kind of sweaters.

The same kind of tops.
The same kind of shirts.
The same kind of dresses.
The same kind of jackets...

And even the same kind of jewelry.

OMG. Shall I continue or you start to get to the point?

So then…

You can multiply your purchases.

Gathering new clothes in wardrobe.

Nothing changes.

Your outfits go from copycats to copycats.

Because over the years you have restricted yourself to buy only what you know and love the most.

The only variations permitted are about tiny details.

You who dreams of versatile style, variety, escape from the beaten tracks when you open your wardrobe in the morning?

You leave the "familiar" that you most probably enjoy but which comes as no surprise.

You get the paradox ?

Maybe you're doing this because you're afraid of making a mistake.

And your quote is kind of "better the devil you know".

Fair play but then?

Time after time, this "friend-zone" that you feel so well in, starts to reduce, as a matter of fact that your outfits repeat themselves again and again.

What you need to do to change this?

As always when caught up in a vicious circle :

it's mandatory to break the repetitive diagram.

In our case ?

It means blooming your wardrobe with a few new and completely different pieces.

In practise?

You simply have to have a brainwash to stop focusing on your favorites.

And have the only few pieces that change everything:


To help you picking out the few pieces that will change everything for you the next time you go shopping?

I have written the EBOOK "A top notch wardrobe – The strategy from A to Z".

My aim with this method ?

Boosting your current wardrobe by hosting the few pieces that change everything!

For you to be able to dress up in a blink, wearing outfits you enjoy every day.

Using this method?

You rediscover the joy of dressing up.

Every morning checking in your wardrobe?

You are joyful.

Because there are only things you love standing in front of you.

All you have to do is to pick from the hangers.

You know for sure you're going to wear an outfit you love.

One that is very different from the one you wore the day before.

And you know you'll be flattered.

Because it's not ordinary.

It's classy, stylish, an offbeat.

The discovery

you will make 👇🏻

  • The 6 secrets of a top notch wardrobe. These are the foundations.
    This will be your "code of conduct" to set up your your own top notch wardrobe.
  • The 4 mistakes that everyone is doing and which literally kill any wardrobe's potential, no matter how well-furnished it is. As soon as you understand this ? You will immediately get the point about the reason why it couldn't work before despite all your efforts and your purchases but you will now be able to correct the situation.
  • The technique to build up this top notch wardrobe. Especially if you are on a budget, on what to focus in particular. (This technique is completely counter-intuitive but it works 100% for long term results).
  • The 6 ways to end with compulsive shopping which you fully regret straight after stepping in your front door.
  • My tip to keep focused on your new goals and never disperse yourself and waste your precious budget without feeling any frustration on top!
  • My method to dress up differently each day.
  • How to get off on a good start by sorting efficiently your wardrobe (without any regrets in the coming months).
  • I will even share with you my best tips to be a top- notch seller on Vinted!


  • The "which material for which piece" recap to make sure you won't go wrong
  • The "aid kit" for a efficient sorting with no nostalgia or regrets
  • The inventory of your wardrobe to have a clear view on what you already have and to fill in the gaps efficiently.
  • The checklist of your basics to assess
  • Your blue prints : the roadmap to create your top wardrobe



instead of 59€

Once this is all clear for you ?

You will know exactly what to buy when you shop.

Because you don't just randomly go for it anymore.

Now you can spot at a first sight the little piece that will bring a huge added value to your style.

This one little piece that will help you creating dozens of new outfits with what you already have at home.

This gem, this treasure.

You finally feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Because you can have fun with what you have.
Every morning.

The never-ending race to buy new clothes every season?
The duplicates and triples in your wardrobe?


Picture this... if you only shop in an extremely targeted way...

Imagine that each new piece adds tremendous value to your style.

You don't have to buy tons of clothes to look good.

You don't have to waste your money.

And you can invest it in beautiful and high-quality pieces.

You can even afford designer pieces that you never thought you could afford.

At that point ?

Your wardrobe is made up of beautiful pieces that you love to wear.

Each morning loving to dress up ❤️

Such easy.



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instead of 59€

  • Immediate and lifetime access to your EBOOK
  • BONUS: The "which material for which piece" recap to make sure you won't go wrong
  • BONUS: The "aid kit" for a efficient sorting with no nostalgia or regrets
  • BONUS: The inventory of your wardrobe to have a clear view on what you already have and to fill in the gaps efficiently.
  • The checklist of your basics to assess
  • Your blue prints : the roadmap to create your top wardrobe


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Strategy from A to Z

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