EBOOK - The Crack: Be stylish being yourself

2 hours only to kick off a new style : THAT IS SO YOU!

The trigger that will change your life

Tired or even fed up of not knowing what to wear…

Always ending up by regretting shopping purchases…

To dress up unapologetically like everyone else…

Ultimately miles away from your emblematic instagrammers …

VOILA then "The Crack " is really going to shake up everything for you.

That's the guidance for :

  • uncovering your own style
  • Fine-tuning it according your impulses
  • spotting how to cheer up your assets
  • capturing the style that is yours.

The usual and fatal mistake women make when it comes to style ?

Replicate, mimic, clone someone else style.

The outcome ?

They do feel quite a letdown when realizing that it doesn't look like on the influencers they admire.

Needless to say that it couldn't work : uniqueness and singularity that's what we are made of.

What goes to one does not necessarily go to the others.

The genuine question ?

What are those influencers recipes that give them such a flawless style intrinsically linked to them ?

  • their starting point is themselves, never ever someone else's criteria.
  • they keep their personality in mind : what they take ownership of.
  • they are fully aware of their natural style.
  • they consider their silhouette and what is flattering it.
  • they reckon with their assets to attract the eye.
  • they master the colors that enhance them.

= They precisely know what's suit, to and for them ONLY and these are exclusively the garments they purchase.

How can duplicate this way ?

How can you precisely know what is your style ?

Get to identify what is the link between your personality and your style ?

How to highlight your assets to feel good and beautiful without any complexes ?

"The Crack" will have answers to these questions.

My aim with this Ebook ?

To help and guide you to sort out your own style.

By getting you pintpointing the right reflections.

So that you know exactly what will work for you and what would screw you.

Once this becomes crystal clear for you ?

All gets easier.

Because you know what to and where to go.

Like having an autopilot to guide you.

The purchases that you don't bother with even just after being back home ?


Pieces that are impossible to match in an outfit or unrealistically wearable ?


What you are going to learn in "The crack" ?

  • How to make a clean sweep of painful years of clothing wandering , by revealing, among the 9 existing feminine styles, which is the ONLY style that really "mates" with your personality.

Like most of my readers ?

You will absolutely be amazed by the revelations that this exercise will provide, in not even 10 minutes, you will precisely define your style.

I fully describe those 9 exclusives feminine styles, to explain what makes them unique and what makes them work so well when style and personality are aligned.

By identifying your natural style, you will know how to build your wardrobe in a rational way without making mistakes.

But that's not all.

We'll also talk about your secondary style.

Which will allow you to throw in some pizzazz and originality into your outfits... without compromising on who you are.

The icing on the cake ?

You will get my list of pieces related to each, dominant and secondary styles, and simply assess which one is relevant to add to your wardrobe.

That's how easy it will be for you to build up a wardrobe only with clothes that you totally endorse, that you love to wear and never waste your money again.

Then we will also look at the specific problems of each of these styles.

Like :

  • How to bring some dazzles, verves and originality to a basic style without playing with pieces that you will not endorse and will not dare to wear in the end.
  • What blocks women who want to revamp a style that is likely too classic, and target the appropriate style to go towards to modernize and "refresh" their appearance while avoiding misses . (No need to change everything here to get the intended effect, but simply integrate some of the pieces and accessories I've listed to give it a much more current touch)
  • Tips that casual-chic fans don't think about to get rid of the "blazer + jeans + sneakers" uniform, and be able to vary their outfits every day of the year without having to own tons of different clothes
  • The simple but very effective technique to eradicate the teenage or too masculine side of a casual style in a jiffy.
  • The thing to do to combine class AND comfort if you have a sophisticated style
  • What makes a glamorous style immediately more chic (This is for you if you want to feel sexy AND classy)

And what now ?

We are going to find your level of originality

As soon as you know it , you can exactly tell how to adjust your outfits so that they are neither too bland nor too much.

You resolutely get a style which releases pep in a regular and consistent way .

And to reinforce this very singular style of you, we will also look at your style signature and more fundamentally at how to set one up easily (which will turn you into a magnetic and charismatic pearl )

+ POWERUPS : I reveal the 19 ready-to-use style signatures.

But even this, is not the end.

We will then see together how to adjust your natural style so that it becomes fully customized and takes into account your lifestyle, your "at present" wishes and bear in mind your constraints of the day.

Finally in the third part of this method :

You will learn and understand to spot and buy only the items that make you feel confident, at your best !

On the agenda, to help you to achieve ?

  • What you absolutely need to know about your body type so that you never make a mistake again in your purchases, and never struggle again about your choices.
  • The CURRENT pieces that will really enhance your silhouette (based on specific examples) + a downloadable and summarized sheet that you can easily refer to when out for shopping!
  • How to become your own personal shopper, and know right away if something will fit you or not, even before trying it on...
  • The easiest ways you'll ever discover to finally know the exact colors that make you look good, only based on your eye and hair colors, and your skin tone (Yepp: the renowned colorimetric season… with a downloadable chart)

You will get to know, for example...

… If you are an Autumn Brunette (and if you should prefer warm colors) or Winter Brunette (to whom the cool colors fit better)

… if you are a Spring Blondie (and if you should refer the warm colors) or a Summer Blondie (who's going to foster cool tones)

…How to choose the exact tones of beige and khaki that will suit you and make you look at your at your best (if you are part of those who even forget about when you really love those colors)

  • How to distinguish warm from cool colors (NON, red as hot as it can look , is not definitely warm, there's warm and cool reds…. Ditto for the blue or any other colors btw – even yellow!)+ illustrations et examples.)

Last but not least :

  • The secret to put the crowd's focus on the your body part you idolize the most (Clever bugger, it allows you to distract people from which part gives you a complex)
  • How to make colors being your ally to lengthen up and slim down your overfall silhouette.

Seriously! in less than 2 hours ?

You will finally know exactly what fits you and sublimates you, according to your personality and your body type.

You are fully aware of what to buy when you go shopping.

As if you always had an image expert at your side, to avoid you to get it wrong, and help you to make the right choices.

You finally feel like you're building something set inn stone.

And not starting from scratch every new season.

You can have your own style ( the outside reflecting your inside), assertive and consistent from starting from your next outfit.

And finally solve this issue once and for all.

To begin with ?

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EBOOK "The Crack: Be stylish being yourself"

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